Audio Recording

Works on Any Level of Complexity

In Russia and abroad


  • The full cycle of audio-making (using our own professional equipment)
  • Authorization and recording of CD, SACD, or DVD-Audio
  • Professional audio-recording of concerts, shows and other events of any genre
  • Creation of music samples library on the basis of sampler Kontakt (manufactured by the company Native Instruments)
  • Multi-channel recording of any kind of event, in of our studio or in any other location
  • The amplification of sound produced by a musical performer or by a collective (whether it is the small ensemble or symphonic orchestra with the choir)
  • Montage, mastering, editing of sound and video; synchronization of the material in our studio.
  • Full technical support, all necessary sound equipment.
  • Archiving (digitizing) and restoring of phonograms
  • Informed discussion in selecting music equipment, which includes the projects of installation of sound equipment in the buildings and halls.


  • Audio recording of Chamber ensemble (small number of participants)

    from - 500 $
  • Montage, synchronization, mastering and the making of ready Audio-CD

    from - 700 $
  • Audio recording of symphonic orchestra (with a soloist)

    from - 800 $
  • Multi-Channel recording of a concert

    from - 300 $
  • Studio recording of any casts and collectives

    from - 700 $
  • Restoring of phonograms

    from - 200 $
  • Professional consultation in selecting musical equipment

    (10% from the final cost of the project)

Our Portfolio

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Our Advantages


  • Long experience in working on the most prominent studios in Russia and Europe
  • Reliable team of high-skilled sound engineers
  • The full cycle of audio-making

Price and Quality

  • The best prices
  • Flexible discounts
  • Payments with cash or online


  • Processing of your order within an hour
  • We work in and outside Russia
  • Making the materials within the shortest period


  • You may consult individually on your project with any of our specialists for free
  • We cordially take into consideration all wishes of the client
  • We adapt the finished product to any of your tasks and needs

The Newest Equipment

  • We use microphones from the leading manufacturers NEUMANN, DPA, SCHOEPS, SENNHEISER, EARTHWORKS.
  • Studio equipment and program software of the companies AMEC, CRANE SONG, RME, MERGING TECHNOLOGIES, STEINBERG.
  • We make the sound recording of the best quality

Our Clients